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World War I Victory Medal
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1. Record of Awarding the WW1 War Victory Medal.

2. Navy 2nd Class Seaman Uehara Kiyoharu, holder
of the 8th Class Rising Sun.

3. Given the WW1 War Victory Medal

4. Taisho 9 [1920] November 1.
The award document
Representation of the medal at the bottom
Imperial mum crest and chrysanthemum branches at the top
Border of cherry blossoms and leaves
Left side of document
Right side of document
1. Medal Award Department, General Chairman,
Holder of the 4th Class Rising Sun and 2nd Class
Sacred Treasure, Count Kodama Hideo.

2. The awarding of this  WW1 War Victory medal has
been recorded as #124076

3. Medal Award Department, Secretary, Holder of the
5th Class Rising Sun and 4th Class Sacred Treasure,
Yokota Gosuke.

4. Medal Award Department, Secretary, Holder of the
7th Class Rising Sun, Akamine Tetsuo.
Ribbon bar
Case interior: fitted white velvet insert
Women's version