Great Japan Weapons Co.
This group was established in 1938. Originally, it was a division of the Urawa Dock Company,
a group that existed from 1869-76, 1897-2003. This company built many warships for the
Imperial Japanese Navy as well as over 1000 ferries, passenger liners, training vessels, etc.
Many of these were for the export market.

In 1936 Urawa established a partnership with the Swiss company OC Oerlikon Holding AG
and began making variants of the Oerlikon FF 20 mm cannon. To do so, they created a
weapons manufacturing division in Yokohama City; this division was called the Tomioka
Weapons Factory. Then, in July 1938, this factory was split off, re-named the Great Japan
Weapons Corporation, and became independent.

After the war, this corporation was re-named (Nippei Industries) and re-purposed (machine
parts). In 1984 this company merged with Toyama Machines to become Nippei Toyama, and
then in 2008 the company was re-named Komatsu NTC.

I have only found one badge from the wartime years. It is nicely made so I am sure others will
appear now that I know the design elements. It is labeled as 'Exemplary Badge,' so it was
awarded for merit of some sort.