War Wound Badges
Type II, page 2
Type II War Wound badge with rare award document. This paper reads that this is a special
exceptional award, probably called that due to the date: Showa 20 [1945] November 30. Authorized
by the Ministry of the Army, but I think this ministry had already been disbanded by the American

The badge is specified as
kou, which is the war battle version (senshou). Badge number 66914.
The recipient's name is ex-Army Private 1st Class Kuwahara Susumu, born on September 25, 1913.
The reverse of the paper says only that his wounds were sustained in battle. No place name given.
Award document from the Minister of the Army Hideki Tojo (Not his actual signature here).

The document shows that Ueno Taichi (born Meiji 12 [1879]) received a battle injury war wound badge for an
injury received in the 1904-5 Russia War. He got the wound in the area of Jinzhou District, near Dalian.

Dated Showa 17 [1942] April 18.
War wound badge award document and ID card. The date on both items is Showa 17 [1942] May 15.
Awarded to Otomo Sakichi. He recieved his injuries in the 1904-5 Russia War. By 1942 he had retired but
was still eligible for the badge. His highest rank was Army Infantryman Private 1st Class.