Service Association
Metal doorplates. Both signify regular
membership in the group.
Enameled badge, labeled 'Donation Badge.' Service
Association Foundation
Supporting Member Badge
This group is called the Service Association Foundation, and it was registered as a non-profit
group. I cannot much information on this group since its name is very general and is used by a
multitude of groups.

The insignia uses the imperial sacred mirror outline, and the nicer badge (see below) has
imperial chrysanthemums on the suspension bar, so the group may have had imperial support.

I haven't seen any items from this group that appear to be post-war, so it may not exist any more.
Merit Badge
Enamel, pure silver Service Association
Foundation Special Badge. The reverse
is marked 'pure silver' and also has a
hallmark that matches the emblem on
the interior case lid.