Enamelled with plain silver finish
Imperial Soldier Relief Association
(3-Legged Crow Badge)
帝國軍人後援会 (八咫烏徽章)
The 3-legged crow badges were issued by the Imperial Soldier Relief Association. There
were at least 6 varieties of this style according to a postcard I found. It is unclear exactly
which badges are higher in rank than others, but obviously the more ornate patterns are
higher. Here is a brief description of each. If you are looking at the postcard, I will describe
these from the bottom.
1. Member badge. Silver rays and reverse.
2. Special member badge. Silver rays and reverse (larger than number 1).
3. Special member badge. Gold rays and reverse.
4. Merit member badge. White rays and green trim.
5. Merit member badge. White rays and red trim.
6. Special Merit member badge. White rays and purple trim. Decorations between the rays.
This badge is quite rare. I have never seen one before.

Numbers 1 to 3 came in a paulonia wood case, while the others had a lacquered wood case.
This is not a member badge but rather it was made for a special event.
The reverse is labeled ‘Commemorative Badge.’ The case for this badge says ‘Imperial Soldier Relief
League, 40th Anniversary of Founding, Commemorative Badge.’
Special Member badge with case. This is a pure silver badge, marked jungin.
Imperial Soldier Relief gold member badge. The simple pin
reverse is not common. Late war vintage?
Label on case interior. It says 'The badge
should be worn at official association events
in which one participates as well as at other
group events when one wishes to identify
oneself. The badge should be worn on the
left breast.'
Not an Imperial Soldier Relief badge, but the symbolism is the
same. Issued by the Ministry of Communications.
Pure silver Special Member badge for the Imperial Soldier
Relief League. This badge has the green trim, which
indicates it is one of the higher-classed badges. Included
here is the lacquered wood case and the outer cardboard
case. The latter is a bit rare.
Pure silver.