Tank & Armored Car Badges
‘2nd Tank Regiment, Armored Car Unit.
Showa 10 [1935] December 1. 100 Million Hearts United.’
Kanto Army, 3rd Tank Battalion
Establishment Commemorative. Showa 10
[1935]. Kanto Army Vehicle Unit.
Army Tank Academy
'8th Graduating Class. Army Cavalry Academy


3rd Company Graduation Commemorative
Imperial Year 2603 [1943]'

Inscribed 'Held at Hokkaido. Showa 11 [1936]. Special Large Military Maneuvers Commemorative.'

Inscribed 'War Victory Commemorative.'
Measures 3.5 cm by 2.5 cm
Obverse: 'Certain Victory.'
Reverse: 'Well, it is now the second year with no defeats.
Samuhara.' The latter phrase is a
religious invocation used as a protection against harm. It comes from the Shinto religion.
The second year probably refers to the China Incident, which officially began in 1937.