Sports Badges
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Badge with original paper wrap. They have similar inscriptions.
BADGE: '4th Japan Gymnastics Meet, Participation Badge, Showa 13
[1938] May, Sponsored by the Asahi Newspaper Company.'
Very nice watch fob with leather strap. Fitted case. The obverse is inscribed in English and dated 1930.
The reverse reads 'Participant, Itoh [??].' Hallmarked SILVER as well as the maker's mark, which is the same as the
mark on the box label.

Note that the case lid is missing a side panel.

Item name: HockeyFob
Inscribed 'National Japan University Track and Field
Competition, [Imperial Year] 2598 [1938].'
Inscribed 'National Japan University Track and Field Competition,
Imperial Year 2600 [1940].'
Uncommon volleyball (排球 haikyuu in pre-WW2 Japanese) badge.
1940 Physical Strength badge
1941 Physical Strength badge
Dated 2598, which is 1938.
1939 Physical Strength badge
1940 Physical Strength badge envelope
Inscribed: 'University. Rugby Club. Championship. Taisho 15 [1926].'
Osaka City Education Group
Municipal Exercise Instructor. 623
1937 Track & Field Meet