Sports Badges
dated 1964
There are no doubt a bewildering number of sports badges. Each badge shop
made a variety of designs, and different school clubs and tournaments over the
years ordered them, often adding variations. Even today similar badges are
given, though the quality of the metal has dropped off considerably.

Baseball badges have
a separate page.
Athletic meet pin badge. Inscribed 'Imperial Year 2600 [1940]
Celebration, East Asia Athletic Meet.'
Metal, perhaps aluminum.
Enameled pin badge. Inscribed 'Japan/America 1936,
sponsored by the Yomiuri Newspaper Company.'
Some sort of athletic watch fob dated 1927. I cannot really read the reverse.
'13th Korean Shrine Athletic Meet, [Imperial Year] 2597 [1937].'
Signed by Hata Shoukichi
Track and field badge dated 1927.
Tennis badge dated 1925.
Track and field? badge.
Diving badge.
Track and Field badge dated Imperial Year 2952 [1932].
Basketball badge dated 1937.
Track and Field badge dated 1948.
Track and Field badge dated Showa 9 [1934].
Track and Field badge dated Showa 6 [1931].
Tennis badge
Athletic Meet badge dated Showa 11 [1936].
Tennis badge.
Tennis badge.
Tennis badge. Dated 1928.
Tennis badge. Dated 1929.
Tennis badge.
Diving badge?
Tokushima Marathon 1959
6th Far East Athletic Meet badge dated
Taisho 12 [1923].
Rare American football badge.
It reads 'Award. 4th Japan Football Tournament. Taisho 10 [1921] February.'
American football was introduced to Japan in 1920--by a Japanese student
who had studied in the States. It never became popular and, though still
played by some universities, is really rare to see.