Shooting Award
Shooting award badge.
Inscribed 'Taisho 5 [1916] October, 3rd Meet, 1st Prize,
49 points (2 special points).'
Shooting award badge.
Inscribed 'Taisho 5 [1916] Autumn, 2nd Variety, 5th
Prize, 51 points (2 special points).'
Inscribed 'Okada Gun Ammunition Store, Osaka City, Within the East Ward,
Honmachi 1. TEL 4027.'

Inscribed  '[Imperial Year] 2599 [1939]. Award. Kyoto Shooting Association, 2nd
Autumn Tournament.'
Wartime badge.
'3rd Citizen's Shooting Tournament Commemorative Badge.
Sponsored by Imperial Japan Small Arms Firing Association,
Showa 13 [1938] June.'
Enameled shield above.
Inscribed 'Fall Season, Shooting Association, Imperial Year 2595 [1935].'
Inscribed '[??] University, Shooting Club 1932.'
Inscribed 'Prize, Infantry 78th Regiment.'
Small badge. Inscribed 'Shooting Championship, Signal Unit 2nd
Small badge. Measures about 3 cm by 1 cm.
Inscribed 'Construction Commemorative, Yahata Veteran's Shooting Range, [Imperial Year] 2602 [1942].'
14th Annual Kansai Students Spring Shooting Tournament, Imperial Year 2595 [1935]
OBVERSE 'Championship.'
REVERSE 'Company Song [lyrics], Swordsmanship 7th Group, Sharpshooting
Championship, Showa 17 [1942] November, East Group, Mitake [Platoon?].'
Interesting cherub with rifle design. Inscribed 'Kyoto Imperial University Shooting Club.
[Imperial Year] 2591 [1931].'
Hallmarked by the Japanese Mint.    .950 Silver.
Measures about 3 cm diameter.
Inscribed '11th Annual Japan Middle School
Sharpshooting Tournament. [Imperial Year]
2597 [1937]. Sponsored by Japan Middle
School Sharpshooting Federation.'
1935 wartime shooting badge.
'Japan/Russia War 30th Anniversary Commemorative. Civilian Sharpshooting Tournament.
Sponsored by  [???] Newspaper & Imperial Military Reservist Association Nagoya Branch.'