Self-Defense Forces
Insignia & Badges
4th Submarine Division, Prize dated June 26, Showa 55 [1980]
'Prize, Kure [Naval  Education Unit.' The poem is a famous one battle.

The main badge is a two-piece construction. Nicely made.
a famous one reading 'Tie your helmet straps tightly,'
which means to prepare for battle.
Japan Self-Defense Forces 3rd Class Merit Medal from the
Yokosuka Region Unit.
'Commemorative, Ground Self-Defense Forces, Supply Facility.'
The medal measures about 4.5 cm diameter.

'10th Division, 35th Regular Regiment.'

'Japan Maritime Self-Defense Forces, Fleet Escort Vessel Makigumo, Tokyo
Bay Fleet Review Ceremony, 1968.'
20th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Self-Defense Forces
Medal. Dated 1974. Excellent detail.

Hallmarked '1000 Pure Silver' by the Japanese Mint.

Small but relatively thick.
Measures about 3 cm diameter and 0.5 thick.
Weighs about 26 grams.