Here is an original membership document and accompanying membership badge with
original case. This document is dated 1928. The translation:
Japan Seafarer's Relief Society.'

MAIN TEXT: 'Hasegawa Satosaburo, Holder of the 7th Class Sacred Treasure
The named person has been admitted as a full member in this society. Showa 3 [1928]
May 5th.'

FINAL 4 ROWS: 'Japan Seafarer's Relief Society General Chairman
[Prince Fushimi]
Hiroyasu. Holder of the 1st Rank and the 4th Class Golden Kite.

Japan Seafarer's Relief Society Chairman Uchida Kakitsu. Holder of the 3rd Rank and the
1st Class Sacred Treasure.'
Seafarer Relief Association
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Here is a membership pin with
original case. This was given to
members of the Japan Seafarer's
Relief Society.

The box lid reads 'Men's Regular
Member Badge, Japan Seafarer's
Relief Society.'
A Second Class Merit (Diligence) badge from the Japan Seafarers Relief Society.  
Lacquered wood case with fitted velvet interior. The case is inscribed 'Second Class
Merit (Diligence) badge, Japan Seafarers Relief Society.'
On the suspension bar it says 'Second Class Merit (Diligence) badge.'
The reverse says 'Japan Seafarers Relief Society.'
The badge has the appearance of being pure silver, but it is not marked as such.

The silk lid interior of the case is marked 'Made by Hattori Watch Shop.'

Also included is the original outer cardboard box, marked on the back with a purple
stamp that is the abbreviation for Second Class Merit (Diligence) badge.
Front latch
Back hinge
3rd Class Merit Badge
Member award document from the Japan Seafarer Relief Society. It
shows that the recipient became a regular member of the association.
Given to a man named Koizumi Koichiro.
The document is dated September 26, 1906.
Imperial Japan Seafarer Relief Society Commemorative Badge.
Dated Meiji 38 [1905] October. The small paper says that each
prefectural branch of the association is permitted to distribute this
badge to members. The man on the badge is the general chairman of
the group.
Special Member award document dated 1927.
Special Member award document dated 1923.
Very rare late war/immediate post-war 1st Class Merit Medal from the
Japan Seafarer Association. The 2-piece badge is
Bakelite or perhaps
plastic with a simple pin attachment.

The case is kiri wood with an attached label.
Late-war issue 1st Class Merit badge. Made of plastic.
Late-war issue 2nd Class Merit badge.
Made of plastic.
Hand-written inscription on lid dates this to
Showa 19 [1944] November.
Special Life Member Badge