Sake Cups with Medal Designs
8th Class Rising Sun (with a wrong colored ribbon)
This is the 8th Class Rising Sun medal.
Inscribed 'Army Infantry, 8th Class Medal, Sergeant Major
Sacred Treasure medal sake cup, either 7th
or 8th class badge shown.  Inscribed 'Infantry
2nd Regiment, Nishio'.
Very nice pre-war 4th to 6th Class Order of the Sacred
Treasure Decoration lacquered wood sake cup.
I cannot read the obverse inscription, but the reverse says '1st
Inscribed 'Commemorative, Awarded the
Blue Ribbon Medal of Honor.'
Order of the Sacred Treasure medal design

Inscribed: '4th Division Army Engineer 4th Battalion.'
Order of the Rising Sun medal design

Inscribed: '8th Decoration Rank, Discharge Commemorative,
Infantry 37th Regiment, 2nd Battalion.'
Order of the Golden Kite
1894-5 China War Commemorative
Order of the Golden Kite
1904-5 Russia War Commemorative