Medal Rosettes
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Red Cross Life Member rosette.
Green & red
Red Cross Life Member rosette.
Blue & red
Red Cross Special Member Gold Medal
Red Cross Merit Medal
Japan Red Cross bow pin
Some Red Cross membership medal rosettes
Medals of Honor bow pins
Dark Blue Medal of Honor bow pin
Yellow Medal of Honor bow pin
Lapel rosette combining the 4th Class Orders of the Sacred Treasure and Rising Sun.
Unknown rosette. Found with a 3rd Class Order of the Rising Sun.
Older Rising Sun bow lapel attachment
Older Sacred Treasure bow lapel attachment
Sacred Treasure rosettes. Notice the color
Manchukuo Red Cross bow pin
Combined lapel rosette. Colors of the Order of the Sacred Treasure 3rd Class
and the Order of the Rising Sun 3rd Class. (OR perhaps 4th Class of each...)
Used, and you can see a bit of wear.
Combined rosette with what appears to be the 4th Class of
each: Order of Rising Sun, Order of Golden Kite, and Order of
Sacred Treasure.
Combined rosette: 4th Class Order of Sacred Treasure and  Red Cross Special Member.
Unknown rosette with metal attachment