Order of the Rising Sun
7th & 8th Classes
The 7th Class has either both sides enameled or just the obverse. I
have read in places where you can date the medal by the vein length in
the leaves, but I cannot confirm that. I have also heard that the medals
with no enamel on the reverse are late WW2 vintage, but again I haven't
been able to confirm that, either.

You will see a variety of styles of writing on the cases as well as both
silver and gold kanji. I hope to find out exactly what these differences
mean, but they probably have to do with the date and place of
Ribbon bar
Sometimes you will find an 'M' mint mark,
which signifies the Japan Mint.
Varying hues of the enamel colors can be found.
Original paper wrap.
Most 7th Class medals have an
enamel reverse, but a few have a
solid silver finish with the award
inscription. I have heard the claim
that these un-enameled medals
were of late WW2 vintage, but I have
found no documentary proof of that.
modern case
case dated 1877