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Order of the Rising Sun
3rd & 4th Classes
The Rising Sun award was the first of Japan's official orders, established in 1875. It has nine
classes, the highest being the 1st Class Rising Sun Order of the Paulonia Flowers. After that
award, there are 8 classes that are not only designated by a number but also by a name. So
oftentimes, on award documents, for example, the number of the class will not be indicated but
the name of the award will be. Here are the names in English:

1st Class Large Ribbon Award
2nd Class Heavy Light Award
3rd Class Medium Ribbon Award
4th Class Small Ribbon Award
5th Class Two Lights Rising Sun Award ('Two Lights': i.e., gold and silver plating)
6th Class One Light Rising Sun Award ('One Light': i.e., only silver plating)
7th Class Green Paulonia Leaves Award
8th Class White Paulonia Leaves Award

Note that these are literal translations. I haven't checked to see if they are the official English

From 1967 to 1987 only 14 Order of the Paulonia Flowers were awarded.
Women do not receive this award. The corresponding medal for women is the Order of the
Sacred Crown.
In 2003 the numbered classes were abolished. There are currently only 6 different medals. See
the Japan Mint page for details.
3rd Class Rising Sun document, dated April 29, 1940
4th Class Rising Sun document, dated April 29, 1934
4th Class Order of the Rising Sun
document. Awarded to Hanedano Yoshio.
Dated Showa 15 [1940] April 29.
3rd & 4th Classes size comparison
Gold inscription
Silver inscription