Imperial Military
Reservist Association
帝国在郷軍人会    page 4
Pure silver Military Reservist badge. 'Asahigawa
City, Kitaboshi Branch.'
Bronze Military Reservist badge. 'Asahigawa City,
Kitaboshi Branch.'
Imperial Military Reservist Association enamel badge.
This is inscribed 'Imperial Military Reservist Association, Special
Deliberation Committee Member, Ishida Branch.'
The reverse inscription is too worn to make out.

Inscribed 'Imperial Military Reservist Association,
Imperial Inspection Commemorative,
Showa 9 [1934].'

Inscribed 'Imperial Military Reservist Association, [??] Branch Foundation Commemorative,
Showa 16 [1941] April.'
The inscription reads 'Imperial Military Reservist Association Merit Badge.'
Pure silver enamel badge.
'First Asagusa Ward Military Reservist Census Merit Badge.'
SMALL badge. Measures about 3 cm by 1 cm.
Inscribed 'Construction Commemorative, Yahata Veteran's Shooting Range, [Imperial Year] 2602 [1942].'
Early Meiji-era badge. The top piece is a dragonfly, which is a traditional symbol
of Japan. The bottom piece has a cherry blossom and Army star. Inscribed
'Kobe City Reservist Association.'

No case.

Item name: KobeReservist
Price: 8,790 yen   
Post-war veteran's award?
Obverse reads 'Imperial Japanese Navy.' It has the
Imperial Military Reservist Association badge in the
Reverse: '
Tajimi City, Navy Alumni Association, Senior
Machinist Miyazaki Haruo.'

Inscribed 'Good Conduct Commemorative, Showa 5
Nicely made small badge.

Inscribed 'Otaru Military Reservist
Association. Established on
Meiji 34 [1901] June 23.'
Otaru City is in Hokkaido.