Regiment & Unit Badges
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Field Artillery 26th Regiment
Manchuria Dispatch Commemorative
11th Division
Manchuria Garrison Commemorative Badge
Infantry 10th Regiment
Special Shooting Award
Infantry 24th Regiment
Manchuria Garrison
Inscribed 'Koga Regiment, Blood-Stained Regiment Standard.'
A pure silver badge with enamel battle flag. Although the box seems too big to
fit the badge, the inscription on the lid and the back of the badge are exactly the

'Infantry 28th Regiment, Regiment Standard Dedication Association.'
The badge is inscribed 'Meritorious Member [on the suspension bar], Infantry 7th
Regiment, Regiment Standard Festival Association.'
The box has the same inscription.
MG Unit badge. Inscribed 'Merit, Manchurian Incident Participation Commemorative,
Cavalry 1st Brigade, Machine Gun Company.'
Regiment shooting award badge.
Inscribed 'Prize, 50th Infantry.'
Inscribed 'Sharpshooting Award, Yamagata Infantry 32nd Regiment.'
Inscribed 'Prize,
Infantry 78th Regiment.'
Imperial swords and sacred mirror, along with the rays of the sun
and an Army star. Japan can be seen in the background.
Inscribed 'Japan/China Incident Participation Commemorative,
Imperial Year 2594 [1934], Japan/China Incident Commemorative,
Infantry 15th Regiment.'
IJA Infantry-issued kendo merit badge. Fitted case.
Inscribed 'Infantry 9th Regiment, Merit Award for Swordmanship.'
Same as above but with smaller case, some slight differences on the
obverse, and not hallmarked sterling silver.
13th Division, Korea Garrison Commemorative Badge.
Inscribed '25th Infantry Regiment, Manchuria Dispatch.
Departed in February 1934 and returned in March 1935.'
'China Incident Commemorative, Nagata Platoon.'

Inscribed 'Taisho 9 [1920], 9th Company, Meritorious
‘2nd Tank Regiment, Armored Car Unit. Showa 10 [1935]
December 1. 100 Million Hearts United.’
'Cavalry 7th Regiment, Regiment Standard
Festival Association.'
'Award. Cavalry 20th Regiment Home Depot, 16th
Regiment Standard Festival Commemorative.'
Discharge Commemorative. Tokyo Nakano Wireless
1st Regiment. Imperial Year 2594 [1934].
Infantry 35th Regiment.
Japan-Russia War Warrior. Infantry 8th Regiment 1st Company.
Manchurian Independent Defense Unit
1st Independent Mountain Unit
probably 19th Regiment
(possibly 90th Regiment?)

Inscribed '2601 [1941] Mudanjiang 668 Platoon. Conductor
Instruction Unit.' Mudanjiang borders Russia (the Amur
River is its northernmost border) and is very close to the
northern tip of present-day North Korea. So it was part of
Manchukuo during the war years.
'Award. 2nd Telegraph Regiment. Sword Fighting Skills. Showa 2 [1927].'