Regiment & Unit Badges
48th Infantry, Discharge Commemorative
29th Infantry, Manchurian Incident Commemorative
26th Infantry, North China Dispatch Commemorative
Awarded by the commanders of the regiments, platoons,
companies, etc., I imagine, for various reasons.
Mito Infantry 2nd Regiment
Great East Asia Dispatch Commemorative,
Washi 3917 Unit (
Kanto Army, Tank Unit 3rd Battalion
The reverse reads '1st Company Association.'
Rare watch fob. The reverse reads 'Showa 10 [1935] March 4,
Infantry 4th Regiment.'
I am not sure what the obverse reads.

Inscribed '4th Infantry.'
Kendo (sword) and jukendo (bayonet) tournament
award badge given by the 49th Infantry Regiment.
Hallmarked sterling silver.
Rare platoon-issued badge. Inscribed 'China
Incident War Dispatch Commemorative.
Hosokawa Platoon.'

Excellent design too. The Great Wall of China
is at the top center. Below is a partial map of
China including the cities Tsingtao,
Shanghai, and Nanking. The background
triangle has an Army star, fighter planes, and
a soldier with binoculars in the corners.
Good conduct award medal. 18th Infantry.
Kato Momokichi.