Japan Red Cross Medals &
Badges page 5
Post-war Japan Red Cross Silver Special Member badge.
Dated July 17, 1965 inside the box.
Small enamel Japan Red Cross pin. The insert is interesting. It reads 'Red Cross
Day, Let's support those soldiers wounded in battle as well as the bereaved families
of those killed in war. Japan Red Cross Philanthropic Nurses Women's Association.'
Inscribed 'Manchurian Incident Victorious Return Commemorative,
Showa 8 [1933], Japan Red Cross Niigata Branch, Patriotic Women's
Association Niigata Branch.'
Japan Red Cross Merit Badge award certificate.
Awarded to Hachiuma Kensuke on Taisho 7 [1918] June 7.

Hachiuma Kensuke was the head of the Hachiuma
zaibatsu in Kobe, which
established a number of banks, financial institutions, a railroad, and Hachiuma
Steamships Co., Ltd.
Merit Association Badge of the Japanese Red Cross,
Wakayama Prefecture Branch.
Thin metal doorplate for a Silver Special Merit Badge
Recipient of the Japanese Red Cross.
Small member badge for the Japanese Red Cross.
Thin metal doorplate for a Gold Special Merit Badge
Recipient of the Japanese Red Cross.
Similar to above rosette but with larger central mum.