Japan Red Cross
Medals & Badges page 4
Post-war glossy paper poster
Rare (I think) Florence Nightingale Decoration. Both the medal and the rosette are
hallmarked 'SILVER,' with the former also hallmarked 'Made by Naigai.' The
medal is inscribed 'Merit Medal, Osaka 1954' and the rosette 'Merit Medal
Rosette, Osaka.'
Original kiri wood case marked 'Merit Medal.' Fitted interior.

This is not the same as the official Nightingale medal, so it is obviously not as
rare, but I have never seen this type of medal before. Very well-made. I did a
cursory online search but found nothing.
Same as above but with no reverse
inscription. Hallmarked 'pure silver.'
Marked 'Japanese Red Cross Kobe Branch, 7th General Meeting Commemorative. Taisho 7
[1918] May.' Original kiri wood case of issue with maker's label intact. The badge diameter is
about 2 cm.
Document from the Japan Red Cross.
Awarded to Hachiuma Kensuke on Taisho 7 [1918] June 6.
This is the award document for the someone becoming a Special Member.

Hachiuma Kensuke was the head of the Hachiuma
zaibatsu in Kobe, which
established a number of banks, financial institutions, a railroad, and
Hachiuma Steamships Co., Ltd.
Shigeko Honma receiving the actual Nightingale
Medal in 1931. (Medal is at bottom left)
This photo is from the Japanese Red Cross
College of Nursing website and shows a
nurse receiving the Nightingale Ishiguro
Commemorative Badge. Sorry to say, the
actual badge cannot be seen in the photo.

Circa 1937.