Japan Red Cross
Medals & Badges page 2
Enameled Red Cross Merit badge for women,
Gold version.
Post-war Gold Merit Medal with document
Enameled Red Cross Merit badge for women. Silver version.
Red Cross Gold Merit Badge for men. Rosette, case, and outer
cardboard box.
Red Cross Silver Merit Badge for women. Rosette, case, and
outer cardboard box.
Red Cross Silver Merit badge with lacquered wood case
Another Red Cross Silver Merit Medal for women.
Corporate framed awards
Merit Medal in wood box.
Enamelled member's pin
Enamelled member's pin
Beautiful Red Cross commemorative medal.
Inscribed 'Gift, Japan Red Cross 100th Anniversary
Commemorative, Arakawa Ward, Showa 53 [1978].'
The medal measures 5 cm diameter.
Japan Red Cross enamel badge, dated 1951.
Uncommon Japanese Red Cross Silver Merit of Medal. This combines the award document with the medal itself. I have never seen such an
item before this.

The plate is metal and everything is engraved, except for the medal, which is attached. The wood surrounding the plate seems to be of high
quality. Consequently, this is rather heavy.

When the award is removed from the case, a silver lapel rosette can be seen within the styrofoam padding. The inscription reads 'Award to
Akasaka Eiji. For meritorious service in giving blood 30 times as well as doing various services in support of the association, the silver
medal of merit is awarded. Heisei 6 [1994] July 1.'
Post-war Japanese Red Cross Special Member Medal. This was given after the medals were discontinued.

Dimensions (minus the box): about 12.5 cm by 17 cm.
'Blood Donation Commemorative, Showa 56 [1981], Chiba Prefecture.'

Hallmarked '
yougin,' meaning 'nickel silver' or 'German silver.' The usual formulation is 60% copper,
20% nickel and 20% zinc.
A pair (husband and wife) of documents from May 1944.
These are both for Special Member medals.
Japan Red Cross Volunteer Nursing Women's Association member
badge with rare matching wood doorplate.
Japan Red Cross Special Member award document.
Dated 1976