Imperial Aviation Association
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Imperial Aviation Association Regular Member presentation document dated 1939.
The document says 'Okamoto Manjirou, Accepted as a Regular Member in the Association,
Showa 14 [1939] February 15.' Signed by two officials of the group. The document has a
border of aircraft and stylized clouds. The association insignia is at the top.
This metal doorplate is inscribed 'Imperial Aviation
Association Regular Member' and the paper envelope says
'Affix this where it can easily be seen, Imperial Aviation
Member award document from the Japan Imperial Aviation
Association.It shows that the recipient became a supporting member
of the association. Given to a man named Koizumi Koichiro.
The document is dated April 20, 1942.
Imperial Aviation Society membership badge. It appears to be gold gilt in the pictures, but I am not sure if
it is tarnished silver (which takes on a gold tone).

Inscribed on the reverse of badge and on the lid: 'Membership Badge, Imperial Aviation Society.'
Imperial Pilot Association small badge.
Imperial Pilot Association Member Badge

Inscribed 'Saitama [Prefecture] Brave Pilot Association.'
Beautifully made commemorative medal. Thick and heavy. The obverse has a plane,
rising sun, and clouds. Inscribed 'Prize, Building in the Japanese Skies.'
The reverse has the Youth Pilot badge and is inscribed 'Raion [????]. Great Japan
Youth Pilot Division.'
Imperial Pilot Association Green Member
badge with original case and member ID slip.
The latter is valuable since it not only names
the badge ('green member') and the
recipient, it also has the presentation date.
Dated Taisho 15 [1926] October.
The member name is Uwai Kouji.
Imperial Pilot Association Supporting Member Badge.
Original case.
Imperial Pilot Association award
badge. 'Imperial Pilot Association,
Prefecture Award Pilot Free
Drawing Local Award, Honorable
Mention Prize.'

Dated Showa 12 [1937] August.
Imperial Pilot Association member badge
Imperial Pilot Association Special Member Badge.
Marked 'sterling silver.'
The center glass bead is missing.
Set price: 20 sen
Inscribed on the case '8th Japan Student Pilot Tournament Participation Badge.'
On the reverse of the badge '8th Japan Student Pilot Tournament, Showa 16 [1941]
October. Sponsored by Great Japan Pilot Association and Asahi Newspaper Corporation.'

An extra ribbon in the box reads '2nd Place Award.'

The obverse design on the badge is puzzling. Perhaps a stylized version of a bird in flight.

The case is cardboard.
The badge has a nice design of a hawk (kite) perched upon propellers. No
inscription except for the attached ribbon, which reads 'Official.'

Original case of issue is here, though, so I can positively ID this one. It is
inscribed: '3rd Aviation Day Commemorative. National Model Aircraft
Tournament. Commemorative. [Sponsored by] Imperial Japan Aviation
Association, Tokyo Hibi Newspaper, and Osaka Dainichi Newspaper.'