Imperial Aviation Association
Merit badge
The Japanese name of this group is Teikoku Hikou Kyoukai. It seems that this nationwide group
lead training to prepare the reserve air force by targeting the young. It operated with the
cooperation of the Ministry of Education.

From 1938 to 1945 the recruitment of school-age youths was done in earnest, and the
enrollment boomed. The training of youth military pilots saved the Army a lot of time and energy,
so once the young men were old enough to enlist (be drafted), many had a lot of experience with

Established as a corporation in 1913, it changed to a foundation (non-profit) in 1914. It 1940 it
was realigned with (merged with?) the Great Japan Aviation Association (
Dai-Nippon Hikoukai).

A number of different membership and merit badges can be found.
Rare enamel Merit Badge from the Greater Japan Aviation Association.
Inscribed on the case and the back of the badge: 'Special Meritorious
Member Badge, Greater Japan Aviation Association.'
This is marked ‘Merit Member Badge, Imperial Aviation
Association’ both on the box lid and on the reverse of the badge.
As you can see, the member badge design is present in the
central element, but the enameled field and decorated edge
makes this a much nicer badge. Merit badges like this one were
given for large donations.
Some group pins
Enamel Great Japan Aviation Women's Association Member badge. Original paper case
inscribed 'Great Japan Aviation Women's Association, Full Member Badge.'
A special member pin from the Imperial Aviation Association.
Enameled rays and green inset jewel. (This may be a Special Member badge.)
Special Member badge from the Great Japan Aviation Association.
Cardboard case and painted design. Late WW2?
Membership document for a Full Member in the Imperial Pilot
Awarded to Taniuchi Katsutaro on Showa 13 [1938] June 1.