Patriotic Women's Association
Member Badges, pg 2
In red box: 'Supporting Member.'
In red boxes: '3rd Class Merit Badge.'
Two documents from the Patriotic Women's
Association given to the same person. One is
recognition of being a supporting member and
the other is for the awarding of a 3rd Class Merit
The border design is the same on both. Only the
inscription differs.
Both were awarded to Miyano Sueyoshi on April
25, 1934. Both have fold marks, and one has a rip
in the top left corner.

Item name: Patriotic
Price: 2550 yen
Small Patriotic Women's Association badge. Original case.
'Patriotic Women's Association, Yamagata Branch, General Meeting
Patriotic Women's Association, Yamagata Branch, General Meeting
Patriotic Women's Association Badge. Shizuoka Branch.
Small--about 2 cm long.