Nicely made commemorative paperweight. Thick
and heavy. The obverse is painted brown with
imperial Ho-o birds and two imperial paulonia leaves
crests. The border is decorated with clouds in the
stylized, imperial manner.
Inscribed 'Mitsui Bank 50th Anniversary, Taisho 15
[1926] July.' Fitted paulonia wood case with maker's
Mitsui Bank was the first private bank in Japan.
Beautifully made commemorative paperweight. Thick and heavy. The
obverse is a copper color with
magatama (imperial jewels) and other
decorations. The shape of the paperweight is that of the imperial mirror.
Inscribed 'Main Building Construction Commemorative, Jinju Life Insurance
Corporation, Showa 4 [1929] June, Made by Mitsukoshi.'
Fitted case.
This was one of the earliest life insurance companies in Japan. Established
in 1894, it merged with two other companies in 1940.
Small paperweight. Inscribed 'Lead Ship in Naval Inspection
Kirishima, Kobe Harbor Imperial Fleet Inspection
Commemorative, Showa 5 [1930] October.'
Huge gold gilt paperweight with wood box and plastic stand.
Post-war. Sacred Mirror outline with a variety of imperial
symbols, including the Imperial Palace Bridge.
Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Ascension of the Showa
Emperor, which dates this to 1978.
Thick and heavy paperweight with original case.
Inscribed 'Showa 9 [1934] July, Kinki Air Defense Large
Maneuvers Participation Commemorative.'
Bronze paperweight hallmarked 'Japan Mint manufacture.'
Japan Mint bronze paperweight.
Inscribed 'Nagoya/Osaka Dismemberment Murder Incident, Solving the Case Commemorative, Feb.
10, 1965, Osaka Police Department.' I don't know much about this case, but I found out that body
parts were found in both Nagoya and Osaka in January 1964. Both police departments worked
hard on this for about a year.
Japan Mint hallmark.
Bronze table medal/paperweight. The obverse has a cannon, shovel, rifle w bayonet, propellers, and a horseshoe--all
obviously military symbols. The reverse is inscribed with the five soldier virtues as well as '8th Battalion.'
Metal paperweight from a shipbuilding company.
Founded in Taisho 8  [1919],
Kuribayashi Steamship Co. is still in existence.
Measures about 10.5 cm by 4.5 cm.
Dated 1959.
Wonderfully made bronze paperweight.
Dated Showa 4 [1929], this item was made to commemorate the 50th
Anniversary of the founding of Wakayama Prefectural Middle School.
Inscribed '50th Anniversary of the Founding of Kobe Regular Elementary School, Showa 9 [1934].'

Measures about 6 cm diameter. Weighs about 150 grams.
Small paperweight. About 9 cm long.

Insert of a personal photo on obverse and a compass on the reverse.

OBVERSE 'Banzai to the Imperial Soldiers.'
REVERSE 'Victorious Return Commemorative, Meiji 37-8 [1904-5].'
Commemorative paperweight / medal dated 1974.
As far as I can tell, it reads 'Yokosuka Arsenal, Removal
of the Gantry Crane Commemorative. Yokosuka Arsenal
Alumni Association.' The reverse has a long poem or

Measures about 6 cm diameter.
Rare Kusunoki Masashige paperweight.
The obverse has the famous samurai and, to the right, the Imperial palace.
Below that is an imperial chrysanthemum.

The reverse has his war banners and Dai-Nankō (大楠公), one of his names.
Japanese Mint-made paperweight.
'Rebuilding of Nagoya Castle
Commemorative. October 1959.'
Visit to Osaka Castle commemorative paperweight.
Unknown age.
100th anniversary of the opening of the Hachioji Station (Tokyo) commemorative paperweight.
Dated August 11, 1989. Also shown is a metal bookmark.
100th anniversary of the opening of the Hachioji Station (Tokyo) commemorative paperweight.
Dated August 11, 1989. Also shown is a metal bookmark.
On the base is inscribed 'Infantry Rifle
Paperweight. Yasukuni Shrine.'
Paperweight dated Showa 11 [1936] March.
Inscribed '
Kofun [megalithic tombs] Census
Commemorative, Gunma Prefecture.'
The design shows some sort of fable.