Commemorative Medals
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20th Anniversary of the Return of Okinawa to Japan
63rd Anniversary of the Showa Emperor being on the throne [1988]
Wedding of the Crown Prince Commemorative. Heisei 5 [1993]
1st Anniversary of the Heisei Emperor being on the throne [1990]
Taiwan Domestic Goods Exhibition.
Taisho 5 [1916].
Designed by Shoukichi Hata.
Taiwan Athletic Meet.
Awarded to Ono Jiro for hihis record in the
100 meter swim. Dated Showa 9 [1934].
Blackened bronze table medal. 'Aichi Prefecture Rice Inspection
Association 15th Anniversary Commemorative, Sponsored by Aichi
Prefecture Agricultural Association, Showa 2 [1927] October.'
Very thick and heavy gilt table medal.
Inscribed 'Merit Award, Imperial Enthronement Celebration, Nagoya
exhibition, Showa 3 [1928] November.'
Case reads 'Merit Award.'
Inscribed on obverse: 'Kyoto. Domestic Industrial Goods Exhibition. Meiji 28 [1895].'
On reverse: 'Merit. 2555th Imperial Year of the Jimmu Emperor [1895].'
Inscribed on obverse: 'Domestic Industrial Goods Exhibition. Meiji 34 [1901] September.'
On reverse: 'Merit. 2562th Imperial Year of the Jimmu Emperor [1901].'
Inscribed on obverse: 'Special Award.'
On reverse: 'Municipal Establishment Commemorative. Ibaraki Special Goods Exhibition
Showa 12 [1937] April. Sponsored by Ibaraki City Ward and Ibaraki Industrial Association.'

Diameter: about 6 cm.
Similar to above medal but silver-colored. Same design elements but a different layout.
Inscribed 'Award. Emperor Enthronement Celebration. Nagoya Exhibition Commemorative. Showa 3 [1928] November.'
In addition to the medals made at the Japan Mint, there is a large variety of
privately-made medals, awards, commemorations, etc. These are usually
large and heavy but some are smaller pieces.

Here are a few examples.