Navy Proficiency Badge:
Gunnery Proficiency Badge
1st Class Case
The top 4 kanji specify the type of
badge, in this case 'Gunnery Shooting.'

Read vertically.
1st two: '
kanpou' Naval artillery
2nd two: '
shageki' Firing
Gold gilt kanji in two groups. The top four specify the
type of badge, and the bottom four show the class.

Pressed cardboard case with a leather covering.
The bottom 4 kanji specify the
class of badge, in this case '1st

Read vertically.

1st two: '
yuutou' 1st Class
(literally, Championship Class)
2nd two: '
kishou' Badge
The case lid swells at the top. Hinged.
The latch is a one-piece press latch.
The bottom also has a leather covering.
Fitted velvet interior. Silk hinge covering.
Views from the top and bottom edges.
Close-up of the latch and the lid ridge where the latch catches.
Velvet lined upped lid. Note the
chrysanthemum impression, caused from
years of contact with the badge.
The purple silk hinge cover extends under the velvet fitted bottom insert. You
can see it on the edges. However, the silk is not visible on the upper lid.