Japan Mint
Commemorative Medals
造幣局製 記念章
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Birth of Princess Aiko. Heisei 13 [2001].
Merger of 6 towns and villages into Osaka City. 30-Year Anniversary, Showa 30 [1955].

I'm not sure if this was really made at the Japan Mint, but I was told it was.

Commemorating the opening of a new Tokyo Stock Exchange building in 1985.
50th Anniversary of the Aluminum 1-Yen Coin
commemorative medal.
Japanese Mint medal with original cardboard circular case.
Inscribed 'Army Special Large Maneuvers Commemorative
Medal, Showa 11 [1936]. Made by the Japanese Mint.'

The obverse has a map of Hokkaido. Also, Imperial mums and
Ho-o bird, and an Army star.

Inscribed 'Sacred Hall of Yushima, Completion of
Rebuilding Commemorative Medal, Showa 10
Yushima is a very famous Confucian temple. See
the Wikipedia link above.

The reverse has a mythical beast and what
appears to be a religious chant.
1929 Emperor's Visit to Osaka Commemorative.
Hallmarked 'Silver, Made at the Japanese Mint' on the edge.
The design has two imperial Ho-o birds. On the reverse is a Japanese shrine with the Emperor Enthronement banners outside.

Inscribed 'Silver Prize, Emperor Enthronement Commemorative, Osaka Exhibition, Taisho 4 [1915].'
Made by the Japan Mint; hallmarked on the edge of the medal
and in the case interior.
The artist's signature also has a date--1972--but I am not sure
this is the date when the medal itself was minted.
Fairly large. The medal itself measures about 7 cm diameter.
Very large and heavy piece from the Japanese Mint. I have seen similar pieces from the modern era,
not sure.

Measures 20 cm (about 8 inches) diameter and weighs 754 grams (1 pound 10 ounces).

Inscribed '67th Coin Test Commemorative, Showa 13 [1938] December, Japanese Mint.'
Osaka Mainichi Newspaper bronze medal.
Hallmarked by the Japanese Mint, but the case
(which is original to this piece) is hallmarked
by Shobido. Perhaps commissioned by the
latter to the former?
The inscription reads 'Osaka [?????] Elementary
School. Showa 8 [1933].'
The reverse says 'Graduation Commemorative' as well
as what appears to be the school charter.
'Dr Yoshimasa Koga, FCS. Chief of the operative department. 43 years in the service of the Imperial Japanese Mint. Chief Assayer for 35 years. 1923.'
Silver version of above.