Korea Annexation Commemorative, Meiji 43 [1910] August 29.
Silver medal?
Japan Mint
Commemorative Medals
造幣局製 記念章
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Heavy (about 200 grams) rectangle medal. The obverse has a wonderful
design of a cherry tree alongside a river with stylized water. 'Red Plum Tree'
Kobai zu) is the right panel of a twofold screen 'Red and White Plum Trees'
Kohakubai zu) by Ogata Korin (1658-1716), one of the greatest
painters/designers of the Edo period (1603-1868).

The reverse is engraved 'Gift to Nakaoka Nobue, Showa 57 [1982] February
11th, Chugoku District Police Department Commander, Inspector Suzuki
Commemorative badge (medal) on the birth of Prince Hirohito's eldest daughter, Teru no Miya Shigeko Naishinno.
Inscribed ' Teru no Miya Shigeko Naishinno, Birth Commemorative, December 6, 1925.'

This sometimes came in a paulonia wood box (see below).
Goddess Athene. Silver
Establishment of the new 500-yen White Bronze Coin Commemorative, 1982.
Silver medal
Establishment of the new 500-yen Nickelbrass Coin Commemorative, 2000.
Silver medal
Birth of Princess Aiko Medal, 2001.
50th Anniversary of the Asahi Newspaper Company commemorative
medal. Dated Showa 4 [1929].
Japan Mint paperweight showing various coins.
Japan Mint medal showing various commemorative coins.
The obverse (reverse?) shows the Osaka Mint.
Same as above, but with a fitted case, which is not inscribed.
Japan Mint hallmark. The obverse appears to
be Himeji Castle, but I am not sure.

The inscription on the inside lid is a poem of
some sort. No other ID for this medal.

Diameter: about 5.5 cm.
Gold-colored award medal. Hallmarked by the
Japan Mint, both case and medal.
Inscribed 'Showa 3 [1928] June 30. 7th National
Candy Maker Exhibition. Sponsored by the Ibaraki
Candy Federation.'

The medal measures about 6 cm and weighs
about 89 grams.
'50th Anniversary of the Imperial Japanese Mint.
Taisho 10 [1921] April 4.'

Hallmarked by the Japan Mint.

The medal measures about 5.5 cm and weighs
about 76 grams.