Japan Mint
Commemorative Medals
造幣局製 記念章
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'World War One Victory Commemorative, Taisho 8 [1919].'
Silver medal.
'World War One Victory Commemorative, Taisho 8 [1919].'
Bronze medal.
1915 Taisho Emperor Enthronement Bronze Medal.
1915 Taisho Emperor Enthronement Silver Medal.
Small badge made at the Japan Mint. Commemorating
the wedding of Crown Prince Hirohito. Dated January
1924. This is the smaller version of the table medal.
Japan Mint bronze table medal. Dated Taisho 13 [1924] January.
Commemorating the wedding of Crown Prince Hirohito.
Excellent quality. The obverse was designed by the famous artist Hata
Shoukichi, who designed many Japanese medals. The reverse was
designed by a man named I. Sato.

See below for a medal with no feet.
The stand design, obverse and reverse.
Very large Japan Mint bronze table medal.
Inscribed 'Showa 5 [1930] June 1. Mannensha [name of an advertising agency]. 40th Anniversary Commemorative.'
Japan Mint hallmark.
Large Japan Mint silver table medal. Very nice detailed Japanese castle.
Inscribed 'Kinki Mayor General [Meeting?] Commemorative.'
Dated October 1957. Japan Mint hallmark.
25th Silver Wedding Anniversary of the Taisho Emperor.
Small badge. I believe this was made by the Japan Mint, but I cannot find
the hallmark.
Taisho Emperor Enthronement Commemorative
small silver-colored badge, dated November 1915.
small gold-colored badge, dated November 1915.
The gold version is somewhat scarce.
This is dated 1929 and the inscription shows that the building is the Asahi Newspaper Company.
Not sure if this is the establishment medal. Hallmarked by the Mint.
This is the 1929 Hyogo Prefecture Agricultural Census Commemorative Medal.
Very nice details and hallmarked by the Mint.
Same as above but with no feet. Probably a
cheaper version.