Japan Mint
Commemorative Medals
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Imperial Japan
Medals and
'Imperial Edict 50th Anniversary Commemorative, Showa 7 [1932] January 1.'
Bronze medal, 2-piece set. However, these were sold separately (see advertisement below)
Original advertisement announcing a new Japan Mint product,
dated Showa 6 [1931]. The larger piece was 60 sen.
'Prince Takamatsu Marriage Commemorative, Showa 5 [1930] February.'
Silver medal.
'Dai-nanko [Kusunoki Masashige] 600 Year Festival
Commemorative, Showa 10 [1935].'
Bronze medal. Note the circular case.
'50th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Japan Mint Commemorative, Taisho 10 [1921] June 6.'
Bronze medal.
Beautiful medal. I think this was made at the Japan Mint, but there is no inscription indicating that.

Thick and heavy. The obverse has a Japanese fan above, Imperial mums to the right, and auspicious bamboo to the
left. The reverse has a long inscription and a border decorated with small butterflies and birds.

Inscribed on the obverse 'Meiji 24 [1891] November, Commemorative Medal.' On the reverse: '
Empress Consort Visit to
the Artillery Arsenal, Inspection of the Factory, Special Imperial Gift Commemorative.'
As of 1891 there were only two artillery arsenals in Japan, one in Tokyo and one in Osaka. I'm not sure which one she

NOTE: I am not convinced this is the original case. Although the fitted inset is most likely original, the outer case looks
post-war. However, it is really nice and has the two Imperial crests sewn in.
This is not a Japan Mint medal, but it is similar. It is a bit smaller than the Mint medals.
Inscribed 'Conquer Russia Commemorative, Auxiliary Infantry 53rd Regiment 1st Battalion.'
Thick bronze medal made by the
Japan Mint. This is the 50th
Anniversary of the Osaka Asahi
Newspaper medal, made in
Showa 4 [1929]. Original case.
According to the small paper
insert, the obverse shows the main
building of the newspaper
company, and the reverse has a
poem written in the hand of the
company president (a man named
'Japan/Russia War, 30-Year Anniversary Commemorative, Invasion of Mukden.'
Rare bronze rectangular medal made by the Japan Mint in 1935.
Original case