Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare
Public Welfare Association
厚生省 民生会徽章
A volunteer organization under the auspices of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare,
the Public Welfare Association does a variety of services at the local level, mainly dealing
with the welfare of children, the elderly, and people in need.

The organization is allegedly based upon a similar group formed in Okayama Prefecture
in Taisho 6 [1917] and another in Kyoto in the following year.

The official government charter was written in Showa 23 [1948], so items with the bird
with outstretched wings probably date from this year.

The clover and dove badges (see below), though, are later. This design was designated
as the official emblem of the organization in Showa 35 [1960]
Post-1960 design