Medals of Honor
Official Rolls Book
See the main Medals of Honor page for pictures of the medals.

This page shows a Medals of Honor Roll Book published by the Japan Award Department. This
is a huge, lavish volume that weighs as much as a small child. As far as I know, these were
published each year since 1964 and they document each recipient. However, they are not
always as beautiful as the example below. The following book was published in 1970.
Outer cover. 'Award Medal Record.'
Actual book
Title page
Most of the pages look like this. One page for each recipient. The page details the recipient's
name, birth date, title (if any), occupation, and color of medal received. The long block of text
to the left details the recipient's deeds that made him worthy of the award. Very detailed!

At the end of the book are a few pages of other recipient's names and the color of medal
received. I suppose that they did enough for a medal but not enough to warrant a full-page