Medals of Honor
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Some more Medals of Honor pictures
Pure silver Yellow Ribbon Medal of Honor with case.
Dated Showa 34 [1959]  October 28 on the bar.

Awarded to a man named Sasaki Kensuke.
Sorry but I don't have the medal rolls for 1959 to fully identify
this man.
Blue Ribbon Medal of Honor awarded to Suzuki Tadashi on
May 18, 1965. Some wear to the case.
Sorry I don't have the rolls for 1965, so I don't know anything
about Mr. Suzuki.
A Yellow Ribbon Medal of Honor.
Awarded to Sakaraoka Ryouji on April 29, 1993. I looked up this person in my medal rolls and found out that he
received this medal because of exemplary service in his public service job, which was a
maritime pilot
mizusakinin). He worked in Ise Bay as a pilot who directed ships through the marine district. He lived in Nagoya
City at the time he got this award.
Different inscription styles
Older case
Yellow Ribbon Medal of Honor  with case and bow pin
Dated Showa 43 [1968] October 7 on the bar. Only 430
were awarded that year.

Awarded to a man named Yamamoto Sachio for diligence
in public work. His name is engraved on the reverse.
Pure silver Blue Ribbon Medal of Honor.
The reverse is inscribed with the name of the recipient.
Awarded to Ooi Shouhei on Heisei 6 [1994] November 3. According to my medal roll books,
Mr. Ooi was from Ishikawa Prefecture and he worked hard promoting tourism in his area. He
was the Chapter President of the Japan Tourism Ryokan [traditional Japanese hotels]
Pure Silver Medal of Honor with two dated bars. Dark Blue Ribbon.
Main bar: dated January 30, 1965
2nd bar: dated April 14, 1965
It is interesting to see that the second bar has been sewn on rather than
having the ribbon loop through the slot on the back. Since the extra bars came
in a separate box, the owner could attach it in either way. This way is a bit
unorthodox, though.
Rare Purple Ribbon Medal of Honor pure silver medal. Dated Showa 47 [1972] April 20.
Awarded to someone named Kino Jiro.

The purple ribbon medal was instituted in Showa 30 [1955]. Given for merit in arts and letters.

Note that my camera does not accurately show the color of the ribbon. It may appear to be
blue, but it is purple.
Left: Dark Blue Ribbon 1975
Right: Light Blue Ribbon 1975
Extremely rare Green Ribbon Medal of Honor and the accompanying award document. Given
to Naganeo Sachiko. Dated Heisei 15 [2003] January 3.

This is the new, post-2003 redesigned version, and it looks really fantastic.

The inscription shows that she received the medal for many years of volunteer service.

The case for the medal is missing.

From Wikipedia: 'First awarded in 1882. Originally awarded "to children, grandchildren, wives
and servants for remarkable acts of piety; and to individuals who, through their diligence and
perseverance while engaging in their professional activities, became public role models".

Changed social values after World War II had resulted in the conferment of this medal being
suspended after 1950; since 1955 it has been replaced to some extent by the revived Medal
with Yellow Ribbon (see below). However in 2003 the Medal with Green Ribbon was revived as
an award to morally remarkable individuals who have actively taken part in serving the society.'