Early Meiji-era
Medal Cases
The present lacquered wood cases for the orders are rectangular and have a solid (i.e.,
non-removable) fitted insert. The lid also has a padded insert to protect the medal.

However, the earliest cases were different. The very first cases were cardboard such as this one:
7th Class Sacred Treasure case.
Push-button latch
I am not sure when the switch happened, but the next stage in the case development
was an almost square, lacquered wood design. These measure about 8 cm by 6 cm.
The following is an 8th Class Order of the Rising Sun case.
2 rows of gold gilt kanji.
This is the 8th Class Rising Sun, White
Paulonia Leaves Medal.
Fitted insert for the medal. The ribbon
drops into the recess above.
No padded insert on the inside lid.
Next is a 7th Class Order of the Rising Sun case. I've included pictures of a
later case for comparison.