Manchukuo Red Cross
Member Medals
Scarcity Scale
1 dot is common. 5 is extremely rare.
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A presentation document for a regular full member.
Branches of sorghum decorate the border.
The obverse has the Geneva
Red Cross and branches of
orchids, the Imperial flower of the
Manchukuo Emperor Puyi.
The reverse is inscribed 'Koutoku 5 [1938]
October 1, Manchukuo Red Cross Society.'
Note that this date is when the society was
established, and all medals have the same
Extremely scarce document from the Manchukuo Red Cross. This looks to be an award of
promotion to a district head.
A translation (from the right): 'Suzuki Tokuzo, Appointed by the Manchukuo Red Cross, Jirin
Province, Jirin City, [?????] District Head.
Koutoku 9 [1942] March 1st. Manchukuo Red Cross Jirin Province Branch Superintendent,
[????].' The superintendent's name appears to be Chinese.
Ribbon bar
Bow rosette
Original first date of issue stamp and envelope. Commemorating the 5th
Anniversary of the founding of the Manchukuo Red Cross.
Dated 1943.
This is from the collection of Michael Quigley.
Thank you for the photos!
Manchukuo Red Cross Life Member medal. The attached blue rosette is
the only difference from the regular member medal.
Manchukuo Red Cross Regular Member medal.
Although the box color differs (one is brown and the other is a purplish hue), the inscription is
the same: 'Manchukuo Red Cross, Full Supporting Member Badge for Men.'
Manchukuo Red Cross Special Supporting
Member medal. This has an attached large
rosette and a gold gilt on the medal.
Lapel badge