Manchukuo National
Railway Badges
From Wikipedia:

The Manchukuo National Railway was the state-owned national railway company of
Manchukuo. Generally called the "國線" ('National Line'), it was controlled by the
Manchukuo Ministry of Transportation and had its lines primarily in the central and northern
parts of the country. In local newspapers it was simply referred to it as "國鉄" ('National

Although officially it was a state-owned railway, in reality it was built, operated and
managed by the South Manchuria Railway, and the Kwantung Army frequently intervened
in its affairs. As a result, the Ministry of Transportation only nominally supervised the
National Railway.

The insignia of the Manchukuo National Railway is to the right. It looks to be a cutaway of a
railway tie with a stylized cloud. To the left (in red) is the South Manchuria Railway logo.

Badges with either of these insignia are quite rare.
'Railroad Protection Medal.'
Manchukuo Emperor Tour of Jiri Province. October 24, 1934. Shinkyo Railway Department.
Hallmarked sterling silver.
Appears to have the same inscription as the badge above, but the insignia has been painted.
Inscribed 'South Manchuria Railway. Defense Commemorative. Meiji 43 [1910] June.'

The symbol on the obverse belong to the Railroad Defense Unit, while the symbol on the reverse is the company logo.
South Manchuria Railways (Mantetsu) medal. The details, especially on the obverse, are a bit worn, but there are still faint
traces of the Mantetsu logo on the flag.

Inscribed 'Imperial Year 2601 [1941]. South Manchuria Railways.
Mudanjiang Railroad Bureau.'

Measures about 3 cm diameter.