Manchukuo Empire:
National Foundation
Commemorative Medal
This is one of the rarest of the rare Manchukuo medals. Peterson doesn't have much to
say about it except perhaps that it may have been a personal award from Emperor Pu-Yi. I
tend to agree with that. Its counterpart, the
National Foundation Merit Medal, is fairly
common and has a plain lacquered wood case, and it was freely awarded.

This medal, though, has a plush case with velvet exterior and inscription on the inside lid
('National Foundation, Imperial Event Commemorative').  The presence of the phrase
'Imperial Event' (
Taiten in Japanese) is interesting. This compound is commonly used for
Imperial Enthronement commemorative medals and other items in Japan. So the use of
this phrase indicates an Imperial connection.

The kanji on the obverse read 'National Foundation Commemorative, Ta Tung1 [1932]
Scarcity Scale
1 dot is common. 5 is extremely rare.
A Chinese-made fake
Here is either a variant or a bad
copy. Or perhaps it was a lower

The inscription is the same, but
the figure is facing a different
direction and the suspension is
decorated, among other