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Manchukuo Empire:
Soldier Relief Group
Merit & Member Badges
These are badges from the Japanese-sponsored Soldier Relief Association of Manchukuo.
This was probably a government-run association that provided a variety of relief services fro
military men. Similar to other Japanese associations, the more money you donated to the
group, the higher class of badge you received. Merit badges were given to members who made
additional donations.

The obverse usually has a five-colored enamel star, upon which is an Army star. At the top of the
badge is a cherry blossom. Peterson states that the surrounding branches are
kaoliang, which
sorghum in English.
A higher grade? Gold plating. Completely different strike from the badge above.
Contrast the surrounding branches and the pinnacles on either side of the
cherry blossom.
The reverse is inscribed 'Manchuria Military Relief Association, Merit Sponsor Badge.'
The inscription on the lacquered wood case is the same.
'Life Regular Member Badge (Sei Sanjoin)'
'Life Regular Member Badge (Sei Sanjoin)'
'Regular Member Badge (Futsuu Sanjoin)'
'Life Regular Member Badge (Sei Sanjoin)'