Manchukuo Empire:
Unknown Medal
A rare, unknown medal from Manchukuo. It was suggested that this was a personal award direct from
Emperor Pu-Yi, but I have yet to confirm this. Another source stated that this was a medal for the Imperial
Palace Security Forces. Some are all gold, but others appear to be silver with a gold dragon. This may be
tarnish or discoloring, but I'm not sure.

The ribbon has the colors of the Manchukuo flag.
OBVERSE: Dragon with long tail around the rim.
REVERSE: Inscribed 'Imperial Palace [Security Force?] , Loyalty [?] Medal, Kang Teh 3 [1936], September.'
Scarcity Scale
1 dot is common. 5 is extremely rare.
Different ribbon from that below. This ribbon is the same as
Manchukuo National Foundation Medal except the colored
stripes are on the opposite side.