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Manchukuo Empire:
National Shrine Foundation
Commemorative Medal
The National Shrine Foundation Commemorative Medal was established in 1940. It celebrated the opening of a
major Japanese Shinto shrine in Manchuria. These shrines, symbols of the power of Japan, were erected in
many areas where the Japanese had occupied.

OBVERSE: Representation of the shrine.
REVERSE: Inscribed 'Kang Teh 7 [1940], National Foundation Sacred Shrine Commemorative Medal, July 15.'

On Puppet Emperor Pu-Yi's second and final visit to Japan, Emperor Hirohito requested that Pu-Yi to take a
mirror representing Amaterasu-ōmikami (Sun Goddess) back to Manchukuo. Pu-yi agreed, thereby making the
hitherto foreign Shintoism the state religion of Manchukuo. To house the Amaterasu mirror, the National Shrine
was constructed within the grounds of the Puppet Emperor's palace in Hsinking (now Changchun),and an
official medal was struck to commemorate this event. (Thanks to Miles Li for this information.)
Two boxes with slightly different hues. The difference could be
original or it could be because of the sun, etc.