Awarded to those who served in the 1931-34 Manchurian Campaign.
Fairly common.

The medal was established in 1934 and abolished in 1946. Bronze with a swivel grip.
BAR: 'War Medal'
OBVERSE: Golden Kite on a Japanese shield and an Imperial mum crest.
REVERSE: Navy & Army helmets, cherry blossoms.
Inscribed 'Showa 6 [1931] to 9 [1934] Incident.'
1 dot is common. 5 is extremely rare.
Manchurian Incident
War Dispatch Medal
Ribbon bar
An original presentation document.
Representation of the medal at the bottom
Imperial mum crest and chrysanthemum branches at the top
Border of bombs, propellers, and anchors
Right side of document
Left side of document
1. Record of Awarding the Manchurian Incident War Medal [literal translation
of the name of this medal is Showa 6-9 Years Incident Dispatch Medal]

2. Given to Army Infantryman 2nd Class Private Manako Tatsuki.

3. Showa 12 [1937] July 7.
1. Award Medal Department General Chairman, 3rd Rank and
Holder of the 1st Class Sacred Treasure, Shimojo Yasumaro

2. This medal has been recorded as number #546979

3. Award Medal Department Secretary, Holder of the 5th Rank
and 5th Class Sacred Treasure, Ubemiya Kouhei.
This is the original notification document for the 1931-34 Manchurian
Incident War medal and the cash that accompanied it.

This is printed on official IJA stationery. Here is a translation:

"Army Infantryman 2nd Class Private Manako Tatsuki. The Showa 6-9
Years Incident Dispatch Medal [i.e., the 1931-34 Manchurian Incident
Medal] and cash in the amount of 30 yen is awarded. Showa 12 [1937]
July 7. Ministry of the Army."

The reverse has a stamp in purple ink. It looks like an inspection
stamp. It says "Ministry of the Army Original Record (?), 19th Volume,
12th (Group?), 283rd page."