Established in 1933 to commemorate the birth of a new nation in the
previous year.

The medal is black lacquered bronze. Freely awarded.

OBVERSE: 'National Foundation'. Two stalks of grain tied with a bow. The
tips of the grain are usually silvered, as are the two kanji
REVERSE: 'Great Manchukuo National Foundation Merit Medal, Ta Tung 1
Lacquered wood presentation cases. Very little--if any--variation.
Scarcity Scale
1 dot is common. 5 is extremely rare.
Manchukuo National Foundation
Merit Medal
Ribbon bar
A Japanese citizen would have received two award documents upon receipt of this medal: a permission document issued
by the Japanese government and an award document issued by the Manchukuo government.
Japanese permission document
Manchukuo government-issued award document
Right side:
Record of Receiving the National Foundation Merit Medal
According to  Imperial Rescript #11 of Daidou 2 [1933] the National Foundation Merit Medal is awarded to
Greater Japanese Empire citizen Suzuki Ojiro

Left side:
The National Foundation Merit Medal is awarded
1. National Prime Minister
Zheng Xiaoxu
2. This medal is recorded as number 105040 in the National Foundation Merit Medal rolls
3. The Prime Minister's Office Awards & Medals Bureau Head, Minakawa Toyoji
[I am not sure I translated this title correctly]
It was awarded to Army Infantry Private 1st Class Shinya Jiro. It is
dated Showa 9 [1934] March 1.
Very rare variant of the medal. Most probably a sample made before
production, as mentioned in Peterson's book.
This is from the collection of Michael Quigley.
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