Manchukuo Medal
Wall Chart, pg 2
The five Merit Medals. These probably follow the same general plan as the Japanese Merit
Medals, although the ribbon color scheme is different. Notice that the medal to the far left also
has an attached bar. This bar is probably the same as on the Japanese Merit Medals, issued in
lieu of an additional Merit Medal with the same color ribbon.

Peterson has photos of three of the five in his book. There is also a photo of the reverse, which
is plain except for a single kanji that means 'Gift.'
Culture Medal
Public Service Medal
Righteous Acts Medal
Moral Medal
Promotion of Harmony Medal
At the bottom right are five Manchukuo Red Cross medals. The three to the left are membership medals, and the two to the right are
merit medals. The latter two were probably given to people who donated a substantial amount of money to the organization.

The Special Member badge (center) and the men's Merit badge (far right) appear to differ only in the colors of the attached rosette.
However, since sizes are not indicated, it is possible that the Merit badge is larger.
'Manchukuo Red Cross Merit Medal (Men's)'
'Merit Medal (Women's)'
'Honorable Member
Medal (Men's).'
'Special Member
Medal (Men's).'
'regular Member
Medal (Men's).'
Note that each of these are specified as men's medals, so we can assume that there are women's versions of the same.