Manchukuo Medal
Wall Chart
The main title (from the right):
'Great Manchukuo Empire, Chart of Medals and Badges'
Dai-Manshu Teikoku, Kunsho oyobi Kishou-zu)
Publishing information at the
bottom right:

'Printed on Kang Teh 11
[1944], November 20.
Published on Kang Teh 11
[1944], November 30.

Medals & Awards Bureau.'
Here is a copy of an official Manchukuo Medals wall chart, circa 1944. It is an invaluable
source, although it doesn't record all of the commemorative medals. And of course there are
many badges (official and unofficial) that could not be recorded because of the number.

I have posted a few close-ups of the medals I don't have, including the Merit medals, so you
can see the different varieties.

A huge 'Thanks!' to a generous collector who presented me with this copy!

Click here for more details:
Two Labor badges. They are in the center of the 2nd row from the bottom. They are labeled badges, so I imagine
they have a pin-type latch on the reverse. You can see a photo of the Labor Badge (right)

The main title for these two reads 'Labor Badges, Established on October 11, Kang Teh 10 [1943].'

The Merit badge appears to have yellow enamelled portions. The center design looks to be similar if not the
same. It is a bud of
sorghum, a grain that also appears on other Manchukuo medals and badges.
'Labor Merit Badge'
At the bottom on the right are five circular badges named 'Award Tablets.' Tablets is probably
not a correct translation for this kind of award, but the kanji used is not the same as the one for
badge or medal. It is often used for a commemorative item, but these all appear to have been
awarded. Note that the title for each tablet corresponds to the Merit Medal titles, so these could
have been an award that was given when the person's deeds fell short of an actual Merit Medal.
Culture Award
Public Service Award
Righteous Acts Award
Moral Award