This medal commemorates Prince Soonjoong's ( Emperor Yunghui) enthronement on
August 27, 1907.

OBVERSE: Korean Imperial helmet on a plum blossom. A border of taeguks and scrolls.
REVERSE: Inscribed 'Great Korean Empire, Great Korean Emperor, Enthronement
Ceremony, Commemorative Medal, Yung hi 1, August 27.' The translation is from

Struck in silver and bronze. If it followed the Japanese style (as it probably did), the silver
was awarded to nobility and the bronze to officials and others who may have qualified for
the medal. The design, inscription, and ribbon are the same on both.Again, this medal
seems either to be Japanese-made, or, more likely, made in Korea under the guidance of
the Japanese officials.
Scarcity Scale
1 dot is common. 5 is extremely rare.
Korean Empire:
Enthronement Commemorative
Bronze version