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Korean Annexation
Commemorative Medal
The Korea Annexation Commemorative Medal was established to commemorate the forced
occupation of Korea by Japan. The treaty was signed in 1910, but the medal was established in

OBVERSE: Crossed branches of paulonia (Japan) and plum (Korea). The Imperial mum crest is
REVERSE: Inscribed 'Korea Annexation Commemorative Medal, Meiji 43 [1910] August 29.'
Korea Annexation Commemorative medallion made by the Japan Mint. Both silver and bronze types can be found.
Original presentation document.
Korea Annexation Commemorative, Meiji 43 [1910] August 29.
Silver medallion
The Korea Annexation Commemorative Medal award
Awarded to Kuwayama [Tosaburou?], holder of the 7th
Decorated Rank.
Dated Taisho 1 [1912] August 1.
Recorded as medal number 21357.
Imperial mum crest watermark.
Rare official Japanese Mint manufacture 1910 Korean Annexation
Commemorative bronze medal. Dated Meiji 43 [1910] August 29.
Designed by I. Sato, who designed a number of Japanese Mint medals.
The obverse symbolism is a bit obscure, but it appears to be the sun rising on
Korea. The reverse has a banner with the Japanese imperial mums and an
outline of Korea in the background.

No case; some discoloring.

Item name: Annexation
Price: 29390 yen