Insurance Company
Rare sterling silver, gold-plated soldier insurance badge dated 2597 [1937].
'Great Effort 2nd Class Award.' Looks like an award for a salesman who
sold a certain amount in policies. The amount is probably the number
written on the plane.
The suspension device is in the shape of a fighter plane.
1930s commemorative medal. Thick and heavy. Fitted case.

The obverse has what appears to be the new company building.

The reverse is inscribed 'New Building Commemorative, Showa 10 [1935], Kobe Insurance Company.'
Beautifully made commemorative paperweight. Thick and heavy. The
obverse is a copper color with
magatama (imperial jewels) and other
decorations. The shape of the paperweight is that of the imperial mirror.
Inscribed 'Main Building Construction Commemorative, Jinju Life Insurance
Corporation, Showa 4 [1929] June, Made by Mitsukoshi.'
Fitted case.
This was one of the earliest life insurance companies in Japan. Established
in 1894, it merged with two other companies in 1940.
Soldier's Insurance Badge
'One-Year Anniversary of the China Incident and the 57th Anniversary of the Founding
of Meiji Life Insurance Corporation, Showa 13 [1938] July.'
Birth of Crown Prince Commemorative.
Daiichi Soldier Insurance Corporation.
Soldier Insurance Member Badge.
Soldier Insurance Member Badge.
Toyokuni Soldier Insurance Company Special
Member Badge. Hallmarked sterling silver.