Imperial Relief Association
The Imperial Relief Association (Saiseikai in Japanese) was established by the Imperial Household
Agency on February 11, 1911. It was granted a large donation by the Emperor and set up to help the poor.
Most people realized that it was established to combat the growing threat of socialism. A multitude of
private grants aided in keeping this association thriving and active

Many of the high-ranking government officials were involved in this group.

Note that this group is presently active, with a number of hospitals and other institutions across Japan.
HERE is the website. The English name of this group given on the Japanese-language Wikipedia is 'Social
Welfare Organization Saiseikai Imperial Gift Foundation, Inc.'

There are a number of membership and merit badges from this group, most of which have the association
emblem or a variation (see the official emblem to the right). It is a stylized
dianthus. This emblem was
created for the group in 1912.

Some of the badges have very nice enamel work, and some of the highest badges are made of pure silver.
Green Leaves Special Member Badge
Yellow Leaves Merit Badge
Red Leaves Merit Badge
Imperial Relief Association Yellow Leaves Merit Badge. Gold gilt.
Also in the case was a yellow ribbon with a pinback. This could be a
Note that the badge and case inscription is different from the Yellow
Leaves Special Member badge, but the badges themselves look similar.
The small paper just warns that only the person who received the merit
badge can wear it and that is it worn to show that one is a member.

The paper label glued to the case reverse that says this badge was
received on October 16, Showa 17 [1942].
Sake cup with the Saiseikai emblem.
Pure silver, enameled Gold Leaves Special Member badge
Yellow Leaves Merit badge from the Imperial Relief Association. Marked 'pure silver.'
Imperial Relief Association Yellow Leaves Merit Badge award certificate.
Awarded to Hachiuma Kensuke on Showa 9 [1934] July 21.

Hachiuma Kensuke was the head of the Hachiuma
zaibatsu in Kobe, which
established a number of banks, financial institutions, a railroad, and Hachiuma
Steamships Co., Ltd.
1st Type Member Badge from the Imperial Relief Association.
Imperial Relief Association Honorary Member Badge