Imperial Guard Badges
(Konoe Shidan-Shou)
OBVERSE 'Championship.'
REVERSE 'Company Song [lyrics], Swordsmanship 7th Group, Sharpshooting
Championship, Showa 17 [1942] November, East Group, Mitake [Platoon?].'
Imperial Guard badge. The center has the Imperial Guard emblem in gold, an Imperial mum crest
to the left, and a laurel branch to the right. The soldier's pose and the two kanji above
('Championship') suggest that this is a sharpshooting tournament award badge.

Marked on the reverse 'Prize, East Unit, 2nd Platoon, [Kimura?] Unit.'
Inscribed 'Noble Warrior, Imperial Guard Infantry 4th Regiment.'
'Army Special Inspection Ceremony Participation Badge, In Front of the Imperial Palace
Bridge, Showa 12 [1937] January 8.'
Nicely designed kendo badge. The reverse has an insignia similar to the Imperial
Guards', but it may be just a coincidence.

Inscribed '[??] Kendo Club, [Imperial Year] 2585 [1925].'
Imperial Guard badge.

Inscribed 'Imperial Guard Division, Imperial Security
Commemorative, Showa 9 [1934] February 28.'
Inscribed 'The Spring of Victory in Asia.'
Reverse: 'Under the Inspection of the Generals,
Army Induction Ceremony, Showa 14 [1939]
January 8, Held at Sasaki Practice Field.'
Imperial Guards insignia with Mt. Fuji in the background.
Obverse: 'Presentation to the Emperor.'
Reverse: 'Imperial Guards Division Special Large Maneuvers Participation
Badge, Showa 14 [1939] Autumn.'
WW2 shooting award badge.
Inscribed 'Imperial Gift Commemorative, Regiment Special Sharpshooting Award Championship,
Imperial Guard Infantry 2nd Regiment 2nd Company, Showa 11 [1936] June 3.'

The gilt images in the center are the imperial palace and imperial palace bridge.

Measures about 4.5 cm by 3 cm.

Inscribed 'Entering the Imperial Guard Division
'Holy War Commemorative, Showa 8 [1933]
April 9. Kubota [??].'
Bayonet skills award badge. The design has the crossed training rifles (with blunted tips) used for
bayonet training. The kendo mask and Mt. Fuji can be seen in the background. At the bottom is the
Imperial Guard insignia.

'Award. Imperial Guard Transport Unit, Komakado Branch, Imperial Year 2600 [1940].'

Komakado is in Shizuoka Prefecture, near Mt. Fuji. The same camp is currently being used by the
Japan Ground Self-Defense Forces.
Imperial Guard Entering the Infantry 1st regiment badge.
Championship. Imperial Guard Infantry 2nd Regiment. Imperial Guard
Brigade Showa 13 [1938] November. Autumn Practice Kendo Tournament.
Commemorative medal celebrating the 50th anniversary of the
Imperial Guard 4th Regiment Standard.

Dated Showa 11 [1936] May 24.